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LIASA-SLYSIG Conference 2016

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What a pleasure to have the heart, mind and soul of John Iona with us for our SLYSIG Conference 2016. John your passion and academic prowess shines through all you do! Thank you for sharing yourself and your professional school library passion & experiences with us. We will forever be enriched.
Thank you!

Wonders in Adventureland

I had the pleasure, and honour, of attending and presenting at School Library and Youth Services Interest Group’s (an interest group of the Library and Information Association of South Africa) biennial conference in Bloemfontein on 28-29th June.

The theme of the conference was “Connect, Create, Transform” and I delivered a keynote and a plenary talk, along with two workshops.  On the opening day, I presented my keynote titled “Are we restricting reading?” and unpicked the challenges we can face when it comes to embedding a reading culture in schools, the ways in which some initiatives that seek to promote reading for pleasure can actually be detrimental, and how we can seek to liberate reading.  I then ran a workshop looking at using online photo editors to create reading promotion posters.  On the second day, my workshop was about using online start pages (such as Bag the Web, Pearltrees, Pinterest and

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Words on the conference…

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We have had two full days conference. Connecting… Creating… Transforming…

Connect…  Create … Transform

In keeping with the theme of conference  we have had challenging and fun presentations, great food  and socialising and awesome connecting with colleagues.  Our sponsors and exhibitors had loads of great resources displayed  for us to look at, ask about, and to purchase for our libraries and schools.

Did we connect?  Yes!

We connected with our friends, new colleagues who over two days became friends, with all the exhibitors and the conference 2016 presenters.  We connected mentally and emotionally with the new content that we were exposed to.  It challenged our current practice, enriched our present concepts, ideas and knowledge base and now we leave SLYSIG 2016, ready to take the risk and try the new ideas, concepts and knowledge out in our own classrooms and our school libraries.

Did we create?  Yes!

We created new friends and colleagues that we will seek out in the days, weeks and months to come as we explore the new knowledge we have acquired. We created new pathways  in our brain as we acquired and grappled with new ideas, concepts, knowledge, and information.  As we use and work with these new ideas, concepts, information and knowledge our brains will re use those new pathways making the new ideas, concepts and formation secure in our memories and able to be used and adapted and reused. As we apply this to our school libraries they too will be recreated … our relationships with our school students and colleagues will be re created in the light of this new knowledge…

Did we transform?  Yes!

As our brains work through the new ideas, concepts, knowledge and information they will become transformed and in turn we will become transformed in our thinking – eventually as we work with applying these ideas etc. putting them into practice, applying them in various library situations, our behaviour and our thinking as librarians will be transformed, and ultimately the ways in which we interact with our students, our spaces and our teacher colleagues will be transformed… As librarians, we and our school libraries will never be the same again.

Dr Craig Blewett talks of consumers of digital technology, being the lowest level of activity in the classroom  and the library, and how as we move through his @ctivated classroom model of teaching with technology, we move to curation, conversation, correction and creation and ultimately we reach chaos – where we have so much information and so many skills at our fingertips.  We can finally make sense of the overload of information  and we can use the perfect technology and apply it meaningfully to our situation and our lives transforming our learning, our teaching and our lives…

The conference committee hope that what you have learned at SLYSIG 2016 will transform you, your library space and your teaching and learning and we hope to see you at the pre-conference in Durban around the LIASA 2016 Conference.

We thank you for your attendance and participation.


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We are thrilled to announce that Michelle Lissoos will be addressing the delegates on the exciting and new innovation that is taking the library world by storm…

What are maker spaces?  Makerspaces–also sometimes called hackerspaces–can be any area where people gather to make and create. These spaces often include 3D printers, but do not necessarily have to. In makerspaces, people share supplies, skills, and ideas, and often work together on projects.

Here is a link to a pinterest board on makespaces …

The @ctivated Classroom

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We are so excited to have Dr Craig Blewett from UKZN addressing us at our SLYSIG 2016 Conference. His remote address will be outstanding as he is always!  He will be having a live Q & A session too.

Live news update – Dr Craig Blewett has been invited to be a part of EDMODOCON 2016

see the latest about his presentation here  Register to be a part of this virtual conference and see Dr Craig Blewett…


Have a look at his @ctivated classroom model for digital technology teaching which is revolutionising education.

Also see his twitter here               Look at him on you tube here

Don’t miss his presentation!  It will help you to change your teaching forever!


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National Chair: Teboho Morajane

Tel:073 312 4946 Fax: 086 580 4277 Email: /

Twitter: @LIASA_SLYSIG   Facebook : LIASA SLYSIG


FROM 28 -29 JUNE 2016

Librarians: Shaping the future – connecting, creating & transforming

On behalf of the National Executive Committee of SLYSIG, I herewith invite you to attend our 2nd Biennial mini-conference to take place in Bloemfontein on 28 -29 June 2016.

Our theme is “Librarians: Shaping the Future – connecting, creating, transforming”

SLYSIG believes that a direct and concerted effort to provide every school and every community with a library and a librarian will facilitate a positive literacy change in our schools, communities and our society, resulting in building a lifelong reading and learning culture amongst all peoples of our nation.

School and Youth Services (TVET Colleges) Librarians are in an age of extreme and dynamic change with regards to  the digital and information shift. Librarians are the change agents. They need different library spaces and a different set of skills if they are to continue to meet the needs of our students and communities.  We cannot do business as usual.  At SLYSIG we feel that school and youth services librarians need to connect, create and transform themselves and their spaces.

Conference presentations will cover the theme:

Connect  … Collaborating with Classroom Teachers,Connecting with Students, Connecting with Information, Leadership in the library…..

Create  …  Displays that Inspire, Engage and Inform, Librarian’s Online Presence  –  learning and teaching resources, Librarians and Technology, Reading Spaces & Places, Learning Spaces and Places……

Transform  …   Information Literacy – Skills to Empower, Reading , Creating New Spaces in your Library, How to support CAPS through the Library,  Librarians for the Future…..

Yours sincerely,


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About  LIASA & SLYSIG   

The Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) is a professional organisation that unites and represents all institutions and people working in Libraries and Information Services in South Africa.  LIASA is also

the SAQA approved professional body for librarians in South Africa.

A key responsibility of SLYSIG is to monitor the global developments in school and TVET College libraries and to engage with the national dialogue on school libraries in partnership with the DBE.

Here are links to documents around which there is presently dialogue in the LIS Sector.

Lyon Declaration

IFLA School Library Guidelines


LIS Transformation Charter

Bloemfontein – City of Roses

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Welcome to the beautiful city of Bloemfontein. We are pleased to be holding our SLYSIG 2016 Conference in this beautiful city.


so much to see



Conference in Bloemfontein


be there

2nd Biennial SLYSIG Conference

in Bloemfontein

A University of the Free State

June 28/29 2016

1st Call for papers (1)



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We are very excited to notify you of the date of our upcoming BI-Annual Conference in 2016.

Venue:  University of the Free State – Education Faculty, Bloemfontein,

Date: 28-29 July 2016.

Save the date and see you there!

Watch this Website for more information.

Presentation at SLYSIG_Mpumalanga_23052015

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